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Silverfox Drum Sticks – $10.00

Silverfox sticks by Frank Kumor

Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion – $19.99

Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion

By Frank Kumor and Chalo Eduardo – This unique guide to world percussion features descriptions and performance techniques for 28 different instruments, plus exercises, traditional rhythms, and cultural information. 76 pages.

Three Bean Suite for Marimba Trio – $15.95

Three Bean Suite by Frank Kumor

Click for Sample – Mallet trio in three movements, written in the style of traditional Guatemalan marimba music. The combination of two 2-mallet parts and one 4-mallet part, improvisation, and stylistic demands, makes this an ideal work to challenge high school or college percussionists.

Tango for Solo Marimba – $5.95

Tango by Frank Kumor

Click for Sample – Challenging four-mallet arrangement for solo marimba that will showcase the performer’s musical finesse and interpretive skills.

It’s About Time duet for two percussion – $20.00

It's About Time by Frank Kumor

A composition for two players performing on 5 octave marimbas, pedal bass drums, two toms and two cymbals. The combination of percussion and keyboard creates interesting textural possibilities and performance challenges. Consequently, the composition requires advanced performance skills and is an exciting show piece for any recital.

Smiles – $1.00


Yes, it’s a smile from the one-and-only Frank Kumor! Trust him, he’s a doctor!